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ROGER HARDY ~ Sculpture, Constructions & Paintings

Photography : Doug Atfield [unless otherwise indicated]

In his most recent selection of work, Headland, Roger Hardy explores history and the passage of time through landscapes in rural England. All the works – which form part of a larger ongoing series Time & Tide - are made with materials gathered from the landscape around his studio – from nearby farmland to the mudflats and boatyards of an estuary on the eastern seaboard of the UK in the county of Suffolk.

In the River Cast series, figurative works made with materials gathered from the estuary mudflats are returned to the river in order to make casts of their forms from the mud from which they came. These casts then become sculptures in their own right.

Another important shift has been a move into bronze, with carefully selected works from the Time & Tide and River Cast series being translated into limited editions cast in bronze.

One noticeable consequence of these two developments is that Roger Hardy’s sculpture and constructions are receiving a much broader appreciation in the UK and internationally, with his work beginning to feature in many more private collections.

“The playful quality of his earlier work may have gone but it has been replaced by something that is much deeper and more reflective. I would even call it poetic. For although ‘Time and Tide’ may have been created with “minimal intervention”, just as a haiku only contains three lines, it has both the substance and the resonance which are surely the test of all true art.”

Anthony Horowitz – excerpt from the Foreword for the Catalogue of ‘Time & Tide’ in September 2017.

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