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CRAIG HUDSON ~ Sculpture

Photography : Doug Atfield [unless otherwise indicated]

In Fantasy Land Craig Hudson takes bronze to new places. Characters from nursery rhymes and more recently from films are re-imagined in bulging, melted or balloon-like forms, brought to life with the application of vivid aerosol paints.

In 2017, his works included Mad Hatter, Three Little Pigs, Cave of Dreams, Rapunzel and Bean Stalk I & II. All were conceived as limited editions of 6.

More recent pieces include T1000 and C3PO, alongside Heads I – XII and Spectator. With Heads and Spectator, Hudson returns to a more classical approach to bronze casting that he last used for Tourist in 2015/16 : first modeling the figure in clay and coloured waxes before moving on to create the mould and final bronze editions.

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