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Galloper Sands is a new online contemporary art gallery for The Alde Valley Spring Festival Ltd. The latter manages a portfolio of seasonal solo and group art exhibitions in the UK. It also operates a residency programme across the fine arts, food, writing, music and heritage crafts.

The online Gallery presents work for sale by two represented fine artists and two makers. It also handles selected editions and series by other guest artists. A full website will be launched in late autumn 2017. This will include interviews with artists and links to past catalogues of their work.

Represented Artists

ROGER HARDY ~ Sculpture, Constructions & Paintings

In his most recent work, Time & Tide, Roger Hardy explores history and the passage of time through a landscape in rural England. All the works – which form part of an ongoing series of constructions and sculptures – are made with materials gathered from the mudflats and boatyards of an estuary on the eastern seaboard of the UK in the county of Suffolk.

“The playful quality of his earlier work may have gone but it has been replaced by something that is much deeper and more reflective. I would even call it poetic. For although ‘Time and Tide’ may have been created with “minimal intervention”, just as a haiku only contains three lines, it has both the substance and the resonance which are surely the test of all true art.”

Anthony Horowitz – excerpt from the Foreword for the Catalogue of ‘Time & Tide’.

For more information about Roger Hardy’s work, including a current Catalogue and Price List for Time & Tide, please contact :

CRAIG HUDSON ~ Sculpture

After two recent projects exploring large-scale figurative work [Tourist in 2015/16 and To the Moon & Back in 2016/17], Craig Hudson’s latest body of work Fantasy Land returns to one of his strongest and most exciting themes: the creative clash generated by the collision of classical bronze casting practices with the vibrancy of modern synthetic pigments – often applied with aerosols. Trained at the University of Suffolk in Ipswich, he has brought is own urban take to the tradition of bronze casting. The most recent pieces in Fantasy Land are some of the most visually striking examples of bronze sculpture in the UK today.

“Bronze is universal and durable (Giacometti told Jean Genet he thought of burying a sculpture, ‘not .. so as to be discovered, or if it is to be discovered then much later when he himself and even the very memory of his name has been lost’). I try again to meet the gaze of The Tourist and I imagine a tourist of the next millennia doing the same, somewhere. I wonder what they see.”

Jonathan P Watts – excerpt from ‘Craig Hudson : How to be Human’, his Foreword for the Catalogue of ‘Craig Hudson – New & Recent Works’, 2015.

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Represented Series

FREDDY MORRIS ~ Tangle Series & Variations

Within his broader practice, Freddy Morris has developed a technique of making unique sculptures in bronze from re-shaped twigs and branches collected from the countryside in the UK. Smaller works have the quality of sketches in bronze. But as the scale of his work grows, the largest pieces gain the quieter and grander impact of land art, prompting thoughts about space and materials in the natural landscape.

For more information about Freddy Morris’s work, including images and prices of recent bronzes from the Tangle Series & Variations please contact :

ALICE-ANDREA EWING ~ The Great Glemham Series

The Great Glemham Series is one part of Alice-Andrea Ewing’s wider practice as an artist. It has developed from a residency project at White House Farm and Great Glemham House gardens in 2014/15. The series explores some of the more unusual plants and vegetables grown in a walled kitchen garden that has been continuously used since the early nineteenth century. The artist collects carefully chosen fruits, roots and other vegetables each summer and early autumn for casting. The resulting bronzes are available for sale – commissions can also be undertaken.

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Represented Makers

TOBIAS FORD ~ Knifemaker

Tobias Ford is a self-trained knifemaker. He uses old sawmill blades, vehicle springs and salvaged metal to forge the blades. The handles are crafted from recycled tropical hardwoods and a range of native British hardwoods, including cherry, burred elm, spalted beech and horse chestnut, oak, maple and boxwood. The knives are all made by hand for use on foraging trips and in the kitchen.

For more information about handmade kitchen and foraging knives by Tobias Ford, including images and prices of new stock, please contact :


Our bowls are all made by hand in Suffolk, UK. We use locally sourced horse chestnut, brown oak, burr oak, spalted beech and maple. They are designed as fruit bowls or for holding table-top supplies of salt, spices, dried herbs and other seasoning.

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Jason Gathorne-Hardy [Director]